Promaint CMMS

Promaint is a best-in-class Maintenance Management (CMMS) & Enterprise Asset Management Software which helps you to keep your assets alive by managing, tracking, scheduling services and keeping you well informed in advance about the status of your assets. Promaint enables you to get better visibility of asset condition along with intuitive insights into your maintenance activities. Promaint is the catalyst you need for your successful growth story.

CMMS Solution
CMMS Solution


Analyze asset failures, downtime, delays, maintenance scheduling, activities, reminders, and performance to improve asset utilization and fine tune your maintenance programs.


Promaint will boost the uptime and the utilization of assets by ensuring they are properly maintained.

Reliability / Risk management

Improves asset reliability, productivity, and reduces associated risks to prevent them from happening.

Mobile Application

Empower all users to do their work anywhere using any devices: desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

Reports & Dashboards

Promaint reporting and dashboard features help you to completely transform the operational data into useful insights.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Reduce failures and increase ROI on the assets by tracking maintenance history and taking timely data driven decisions.


Compliance risks are greatly reduced by going paperless and utilizing electronic devices.

ERP Integration

Integrate PromaintTM eAM module with ERP system of the company through our effortless integration feature.


All sites get rolled-up and displayed in real time so you can create detailed reports of all your maintenance activities with just a few clicks.


Asset Management

Lets you keep a constant watch on your assets condition and performance, and manage their entire lifecycle.Read More

Preventive Maintenance

It helps you to run your operations more effectively, with fewer unexpected breakdowns because the equipment is well- maintained.
Read More

Work Management

Increase On – Time work completion by assigning technicians to work orders, manage on – site and off site maintenance. Read More


Inventory Management

Promaint helps you to managing inventory across various plants and locations.
Read More

Inspection Management

Complete cycle of Inspection from Check Lists, Inspection schedules, result recording, and corrective actions to completion Read More

Project Management

Project management gives you the ability to see a high level view of all work orders, resources, and costs associated to a project. Read More


  • Scalable to take your business to new heights.
  • Improvement in Turnaround time.
  • Improving “Maintenance” vs. “Replace” decisions.
  • Reduce in energy / fuel consumption.
  • Reduce maintenance cost by identifying overloads and optimize resource assignments.
  • Better compliance management.
  • Manage electronic documents more efficiently.
  • Reduce the risks of unscheduled downtime which leads to lost production.
  • Better forecasting and management of spare part inventory levels.
  • Increase in equipment/ fleet availability.



Process Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing depends on assets working fine and orderly maintenance schedule.
Read More



Hospitals, clinics and other related healthcare facilities make use of critical instruments and assets.
Read More


Logistics & Distribution

Efficient Supply chain management depends a lot on the logistics and Distribution system running at its optimum.
Read More



Automobile industry or fleet industry.
Read More


Oil & Gas

Oil and gas industries are heavy on compliances and assets working at the optimum such that no unplanned breakdown can be tolerated.
Read More


Media & Entertainment

The backbone of Media and Entertainment industry is assets – from recording, heavy machines and studio assets are used and rented out on a daily basis.
Read More


IT & High Tech

IT industry is the backbone of many industries. With many new trends setting nearly every day..
Read More



In a school environment where nearly all aspects of the infrastructure is accessed on a regular basis by the students, staff or the management.
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Industrial manufacturing maintenance software like Promaint EAM helps to keep the work environment safe for the plant workers.
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